Dawid Wrona, sales director residential projects department, Echo Investment, explains why the Apartamenty przy Warzelni condominium complex is unique. INTERVIEW BY SANKHYAYAN DATTA AND MORTEN LINDHOLM


WBJ: Has the post-pandemic market picked up pace? Due to Covid, there were some shifts in the market. People were moving out of the cities. How’s the situation now?

Dawid Wrona: Generally, in Poland, in each big city, the market is very strong, very hot, because a lot of clients want to invest their money. Inflation is high but interest rates are very low. In Poland, people are strongly connected to properties. Putting their money in real estate is the best option for them. Because of a lack of plots and bureaucracy (administrative decisions take a long time to arrive), developers aren’t able to start with new projects. We have many clients who want to buy, but we have the problem to start with the new projects. That in turn, raises prices. And as a result, real estate prices will continue to rise. 

As for people leaving the centers of cities, that’s all statistical. People still want to work in the center. Students want to come back. There are businesses that want to rent apartments.

Now, moving on to one of your latest projects. Apartamenty przy Warzelni (ApW) is the best residential investment of 2021, according to the Association of Polish Architects (SARP). How is it the best, unique?

The answer is very simple. They are located in Browary Warszawskie. It’s our top destination project. From the beginning, this project was ideated as a residential one. ApW is an icon, the best product, for clients seeking a luxurious residential area in the center of Warsaw that has something unique to offer on each level. The architecture was crucial for us — connected to history but also futuristic. We put in the best materials, functionalities. We paid attention to the minutest details, right from the reception desk to the staircase. We have a retail building in the same complex where football legend Robert Lewandowski is an investor. Also, around, there are office buildings, public gardens and buildings containing residences for rent. Underneath the gardens, there are restaurants.

The last two penthouses are on sale. What is captivating about them?

At the top of the apartment buildings, there are four penthouses. At the moment, we’re left with only two of them. All have fantastic views. What’s unique? The size — one is roughly 218 sqm and the other 250 sqm. Each is divided into two floors. The living room has a 7-meter high ceiling and windows all over. And therefore, incredible views! Considering the apartments are at the center of the heart of the capital, from the penthouses perched on the top, you see the whole world revolve around you. However, you’re protected from all the hustle and bustle of the city because of the buffer. You have the CBD, famous museums, public transport and you’re in the middle. The complex has been so designed that you can work, live and relax here. With the Browary Warszawskie, we have set an example and a lot of other companies take inspiration from us. As for the price, it’s set based on the historical importance of the brewery and the high quality that we have maintained while working on this project.

Tell us more about the neighborhood around ApW.

There are a host of facilities around. We have many restaurants, cafes and eateries but none of them are even remotely similar. All offer different cuisines. There are also office buildings around with famous names. All gastronomic, offices, residential and retail spaces have been rented out already, except the two penthouses. Given the mixed-use concept — there are offices, retailers, and residences in the same area — it will always be buzzing with people. We put additional elements that make our clients’ lives better.

ApW is part of Browary Warszawskie — the award-winning Echo revitalization project. Why were the awards given?

The awards were given due to three reasons. First of all, for the whole idea, how Echo Investment came up with the concept to revitalize this neighborhood and improve the surroundings. Secondly, for our attention to detail — how we took great care to put the right elements in and between the buildings to greatly enhance people’s lives, what we like to call “life-service.” And thirdly, for the architecture of each building, especially the residential buildings. They are incomparable, we have been told. The buildings are modern with strong ties to history. And of course, quality, quality, quality…

How sustainable is this Echo Investment project?

Sustainability is part of our business. We put a lot of effort to make the whole complex greener. We put green spots between each building. While designing the project, the environment was one of our top priorities. Also, it wasn’t just about us. It was for our clients. What they are looking for. Being environment-friendly is of paramount importance for a lot of people. For Echo Investment, it’s a standard, we’re eco-friendly.

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