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23:18 4 May 2021
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Artificial intelligence revolutionizes football

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes football
Maciej Kowalski, source: Newseria

According to estimates, 30-35 percent of goals during football matches are scored as a result of set pieces. An in-depth analysis of actions is crucial in order to be able to optimize them as much as possible and thus gain an advantage over competitors. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can easily analyze selected fragments of the game of individual players or check tactics. Cameras supported by AI allow you to measure the speed of passing, ball rotation, or track the positions of players. Equally important, AI can predict the odds of success for different game tactics. Such solutions are already available in Polish football.

"Due to the fact that we have a camera installed in each stadium, clubs get the opportunity to receive an automatic breakdown of a statistical match. The TV feed we record automatically goes to the server and there it is broken down by artificial intelligence into prime factors. A few hours after the match, coaches, players, staff members have the opportunity to obtain a complete analysis of the match, that is, accurate statistics," Maciej Kowalski, member of Sportize's board, explained.

AI is revolutionizing sport and taking it to a whole new level. It influences strategic decisions made by coaches, both before and during the match. Thanks to a combination of wearable sensors and high-speed cameras, AI platforms can now measure ball speed and rotation or track passes between players. Artificial Intelligence can also predict the odds of success for different game tactics. Some soccer coaches use it to set tactics. Analyzing the performance of specific players can also help you design better training programs.


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