21:23 7 July 2020
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Bełchatów again tops list of largest CO2 emitters in EU

Bełchatów again tops list of largest CO2 emitters in EU
Source: Wikipedia

Bełchatów power plant is again in the first place in the ranking of the largest producers of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the European Union, the second Polish power plant – Kozienice is also in the top 10 together with six power plants from Germany. The list is completed by two companies from outside the energy industry.

Both companies are transport giants: the Swiss-Italian shipping line Mediterranean Shipping Company (has one of the largest container ships in the world), which took the seventh place, and the Irish Ryanair (the largest cheap airline in the EU), which came in eighth.

The ranking of estimated annual CO2 emissions was prepared by the European Federation of Transport and Environment AISBL (T&E) based on official data and presented by Business Insider. Last year's list included nine power plants and Ryanair. In this way, AIBSL wants to draw attention to the need to include the transport sector in the EU CO2 emissions trading system.

The calculations of the European Federation of Transport and the Environment show that the annual carbon dioxide emissions of Bełchatów Power Station last year was 32.74 Mt (metric tonnes). The second to sixth and ninth places are occupied by the German power plants: Neurath 22.60 Mt; Niederaußem 18.43 Mt; Jänschwalde 17.61 Mt; Weisweiler 13.30 Mt; Boxberg WerkIV 11.05 Mt and Schwarze Pumpe - 10.48 Mt CO2. The Mediterranean Shipping Company came in seventh with 10.72 Mt and Ryanair eighth with 10.53 Mt CO2. The ranking closes the Kozienice power plant, which emitted 10.46 Mt of carbon dioxide last year.


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