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19:36 6 January 2020
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CD Projekt grows bigger than Pekao thanks to Witcher TV series

CD Projekt grows bigger than Pekao thanks to Witcher TV series
source: CD Project

"The Witcher 3" is currently more popular than on the day of its premiere, and CD Project shares are more expensive than ever before. From December 8, 2019, the company's share prices soared from PLN 254 to as much as PLN 282. On Friday morning, the CD Project Red market capitalization was PLN 27.58 billion. This means that the game producer is the fifth-largest company on the WSE. Only PKO BP, PKN Orlen, PZU and Santander are ahead of it. In turn, CD Projekt in terms of market capitalization is larger than Pekao SA, which is largely due to the success of the Netflix series, which is still widely known in the world.
"The Witcher", the new Netflix series produced in collaboration with the creator of the best-selling saga Andrzej Sapkowski and Platige Image studio by Tomasz Bagiński, receives mixed reviews. However, this did not completely stop it from conquering the hearts of viewers around the world. The Parrot Analytics data shows that the adaptation of Sapkowski's books is the most popular series among the production of VOD platforms.
Witcher's success is not only Netflix's success. Andrzej Sapkowski himself also gained from the renaissance of the popularity of Geralt of Rivia's adventures. His books have occupied the top of the bestseller list of Amazon's online bookshop for several weeks.

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