18:48 24 November 2019
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Diesel and LNG prices seen slightly up - BM Reflex

Diesel and LNG prices seen slightly up - BM Reflex
source: Pixabay

The increase in retail prices of diesel and LNG may continue but on a slightly smaller scale than so far, BM Reflex analysts forecasted. "Petrol prices at almost all stations have remained unchanged for four weeks. Changes, however, persist in the case of diesel and LNG, and as in the previous two weeks, we are unfortunately talking about increases," the analysts wrote. 

An average price of 95 petrol is PLN 4.92 PLN per litre, petrol 98 costs  PLN 5.42 per litre,  while the diesel price is PLN 5.01 per litre and LNG  costs on average PLN 2.15 per litre.


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