International company specializing in financial services for SMEs Ebury. recognizing the significant economic and business potential inherent in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, creates in its global structures a region that will include offices operating in these countries. This change will allow better use of the capabilities of local Ebury teams, but above all will improve the service of companies and entrepreneurs from the countries of the region between which business relations are quickly becoming stronger.

In the opinion of Ebury analysts, one of the effects of the Cpvid-19 pandemic will be the strengthening of regional trade ties, including in Central and Eastern Europe. As companies begin to question their dependence on one main supplier (e.g. from Asia), an additional, positive impact on the value of internal trade is also possible between all four countries, which includes the new Ebury region.

“Our results on the Polish market, which is one of the most important for us, are a very good forecast for Ebury's operations in other countries in this part of Europe. Creating the first region in our history is an important business step for us, but this solution is primarily to help our clients run business. We anticipate that, among others as a result of a pandemic, local entrepreneurs are even more often than ever looking for trading partners geographically closer to them, including those from the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, where we also have our local offices,” Juan Lobato, co-founder and one of the managers of global Ebury structures, said.


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