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22:24 27 February 2020
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EC strongly criticizes Polish social protection

EC strongly criticizes Polish social protection
Source: Pxfuel

Poland has no idea of ​​ensuring universal, equal access to social services, social workers do not have decent working conditions, and the situation of disabled people and their carers is not improving - these are the comments of the European Commission regarding the activities of the Polish social security system presented in the semester report on Polish.

The European Commission points to the weakness of the Polish social security system. Its ineffective operation is indicated by the fact that the largest increase in the percentage of people living in extreme poverty concerns those households whose income comes primarily from social benefits other than disability and retirement benefits.

As we read in the EC report, in Poland there is also a serious problem with the popularisation of social security for citizens, because only employees employed under appropriate forms of contracts have access to retirement and health services.

The EC also indicates that although the 500+ benefit was introduced by the Polish government already four years ago, its nominal value has never been verified, which is why it has actually decreased as a result of inflation.


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