19:01 12 August 2019
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EU wants to label non-organic products

EU wants to label non-organic products
source: Pxhere

The European Commission is developing a new way of labeling food that will indicate the carbon footprint used in its production, Rzeczpospolita daily has learned. The most non-ecological energy sources could weaken the competitiveness of the food produced in Poland.

“The main source of energy in Poland is hard coal. We will get much worse marks than the competition from France or Germany,” noted Andrzej Gantner, director of the Polish Federation of Food Producers.

“If Polish producers continue to use the energy produced from non-ecological sources, the competitiveness of their products may significantly decrease due to such labeling. As a result, they may lose their good position in the sales markets in Europe,” said Krzysztof Klincewicz from the University of Warsaw.


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