22:57 13 January 2022
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European Commission wants to suspend payments to Poland

European Commission wants to suspend payments to Poland
Source: EP

As Bloomberg learned, the European Commission is preparing to initiate the procedure of suspending payments for Poland from the EU budget since Poland has not complied with the CJEU decision of September 2021 on the closure of the Turów mine. The decision to withhold payments is to be made "in the coming days, maybe weeks". The money is to come from the EU budget, not from the National Reconstruction Plan, which is to help overcome the pandemic because it has not yet been approved by the EC.

So far, the penalties for the activities of Turów, amounting to €500,000 per day, exceeded €50 million. This is how much the budget for Poland for 2021-27 is to be reduced. According to Bloomberg, the European Commission lost its patience when the three demands for payment of the fine were ignored by Poland.

The CJEU deals with the Polish mine PGE Turów because the Czech Republic has complained about our country, alleging a breach of EU regulations when granting a concession for work in the open pit. At the same time, negotiations between Poland and the Czech Republic which could resolve the dispute, have been underway since June.



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