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22:13 25 November 2021
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Gazeta Wyborcza daily passes no-confidence against Agora's management board

Gazeta Wyborcza daily passes no-confidence against Agora's management board
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The management of Gazeta Wyborcza daily in the person of Adam Michnik and Jarosław Kurski has completely lost their trust in Agora's Management Board and is voting no-confidence against it. As we read in the letter of both editors, the crisis triggered by the Management Board of Agora began on June 8, when Bartosz Hojka, President of the Management Board, decided suddenly, without consulting the management of the daily, to expel the publisher, Jerzy Wójcik, and connect Gazeta Wyborcza with the portal. The decision was protested. However, Bartosz Hojka fired Jerzy Wójcik on November 23 again – this time remotely and disciplinarily.

"In fact, this is not about a personal conflict to which the Management Board falsely reduces the problem. It is about who Gazeta Wyborcza belongs to. Is it owned by the readers and people who left their entire lives in the editorial office? Or by so-called cash machers and Excel? Will "Wyborcza" continue to be the home of the Polish democratic intelligentsia? Should it be a generator of profit for the company? Will it finally be a modern newspaper that will compete with other media invested by the world's giants? Or maybe – as the head of Agora's supervisory board put it – it is only 13 percent of the company's value, i.e. an entertainment and media conglomerate that focuses on fast food and popcorn," we read in the dramatic letter.


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