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16:45 22 July 2019
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Head of Police promises hard action in case of Białystok’s events

Head of Police promises hard action in case of Białystok’s events
source: Wikipedia

“We will reach and settle all those who broke the law during the Equality March in Bialystok,” Jarosław Szymczyk, The Police Commissioner, said on Monday. He added that there would be zero tolerance for hooliganism.
The first Equality March passed on Saturday afternoon through the streets of the city under the slogan “Białystok is a home for everyone”. The transition of the participants of the march repeatedly tried to block the counter-demonstrators. The participants were thrown by stones, firecrackers, eggs and bottles, and shouted offensive words.

The head of Police reported that after Saturday's events in Bialystok, for the time being, 28 people were brought to the police, and a dozen more have already been identified. As he added, the police will continue to publish images of people who broke the law during these incidents.

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