8:04 2 September 2023
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Invest in high-potential commercial premises in dynamically developing Bliskie Piaseczno

Purchasing commercial premises is one of the most profitable forms of investing capital. High rental profitability from this type of investment gives an advantage over other types of real estate in terms of the potential to achieve the maximum return rates. An apartment lease is estimated to yield between 3% and 6% of profit per year, whereas, in the case of well-chosen commercial premises, it can reach approximately 10%.

Invest in high-potential commercial premises in dynamically developing Bliskie Piaseczno

"The COVID pandemic and the change in shopping behaviors of Poles have contributed to the flourishing of high streets in housing estates. This unflagging trend makes commercial tenants, including network tenants, eager to locate their businesses on the ground floors of residential buildings. At the same time, investments in residential, commercial premises have become an attractive way to invest capital. (...) The advantage of operating in the vicinity of housing estates is lower rental rates compared to shopping malls, as well as significantly reduced operating costs. The advantages also include the lack of rigorous technical requirements concerning the premises, and lower requirements in the context of collaterals and shorter, less complicated lease agreements," according to the Colliers report "Shopping streets in Warsaw housing estates"  „Ulice handlowe w warszawskich osiedlach mieszkaniowych”.

Good location, reasonable purchase price, and the great potential of the local customer market 

Bliskie Piaseczno is a completed investment with ready-to-lease commercial premises located at No. 10 and 12 Tukanów Street in Stara Iwiczna, right next to the border with Piaseczno. The modern service park in this location will serve 300 apartments in the newly commissioned Ghelamco housing estate and approximately 20,000 residents of the surrounding blocks of flats who live within a 500 m walking distance. 

This dynamically developing area is a southern suburb of Warsaw, perfectly connected with the city center, thanks to the recently commissioned S7 expressway near the Bliskie Piaseczno shopping arcade. The location at the exit road to Warsaw, near the Chopin Airport and the SKM fast urban railway, makes it a location with great potential. Lesznowola is the undisputed leader in the Piaseczno district when it comes to a rapid increase in the number of inhabitants in the period since 2004; the community has doubled the number of its inhabitants and is also famous for its friendly attitude towards business initiatives,  thanks to which the seats of many companies are located here. 

Service premises with outdoor gardens intended for gastronomy 

The offer includes premises provided with a prepared installation for running a full-service gastronomy establishment, and most importantly, there is also a guarantee of having outdoor gardens on the premises in the housing estate area along Tukanów Street. The garden presents an opportunity to increase profits for several months of the year. The large front windows, visible from the street, as well as external parking spaces are an undoubted advantage that ensure visibility and service availability. All of these factors will enhance the property’s appeal to potential tenants, allowing you to lease it at a higher price. 

A wide range of business opportunities

A beauty salon, hairdresser, florist, pizzeria or dentist’s office are essential establishments for every housing estate. Customers who have already received the keys to their apartments and residents of the surrounding tower blocks eagerly anticipate such services. The range of offerings is extensive and available for various needs, with spaces ranging in area from 50 sqm to 95.8 sqm, which, when combined, offer the possibility to create mezzanines because their height is over 4.2 m. 

Sale of commercial premises Bliskie Piaseczno: 


tel. +48 795 112 179, +48 600 446 325,


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