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10:20 3 October 2019
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IT Sector Snapshot

Information based on the analysis of 49 IT companies: GlobalLogic; Sii; 3 Software Development Center; IT Kontrakt; Cgi Information Systems And Management; Consultants; Techland; Asseco Data Systems; Billenium ; SID; KAMSOFT ; Milmex Systemy Komputerowe; Lionbridge Poland; Forcom ; Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists; GFT Poland; Comarch; Kenbit Koenig i Wspólnicy; Evcon; SNP Poland; OPTeam; IQ5; Transition Technologies; EMC Computer Systems Poland; Adva Opitcal Networking; Asseco Poland; Sapiens Software Solutions Poland; S4E; Getresponse; Centralny Ośrodek Informaatyki; Unit4 Polska; Advatech; SAS Institute; CD Projekt; SAP POLSKA; BLuesoft; Loco Adam Sawczuk; ENERGA Informatyka i Technologie; Future Processing; 7N; CompFort Meridian Polska; Werwanft; Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions; Societa Consortile Per Azioni; Cube.Itg; Dahliamatic; AIUT; ABB Global Business Services; PKP Informatyka; Wasko; Exorigo - Upos

IT Sector Snapshot

About the Market

The abbreviation ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies. The Central Statistical Office (GUS) describes the ICT as "a family of technologies that process, collect and send information in electronic form”. The more limited information technologies (IT) concern computer and software issues related to computers and software, excluding communication and network technologies. Therefore, the ICT conceptual scope covers all communication methods (the Internet, wireless networks, Bluetooth, fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, satellite, audio and video communication technologies, radio, television, etc.), the devices enabling information storage (portable memory, hard drives, CD/ DVD disks, tapes, etc.) and the devices that allow information processing (computers, smartphones, servers, etc.). In addition, ICT technologies cover a whole range of IT applications and complex IT systems enabling data processing and transferring. (source: Glossary of the Concepts of Transport Development Strategy until 2020) In our country, the ICT industry has reached the stage of a rapid development and is growing at a rate of 6.7 percent per annum (according to the PARP data). One of the reasons for this development is the large amount of subsidies from the European Union for computerization of administration and business. The financial sector and trade spend most money on ICT services, while industrial production, transport, energy and mining lag behind. Domestic giants and IT listed companies focus on the sale of infrastructure and the implementation of government orders. Another ways of development on the market are: producing custom-made software and providing employee outsourcing services.

Creditreform Solvency Index (IZP)

According to the Creditreform Polska analysis, every seventh company in the industry has excellent payment ability (100-199), and 38 percent of the companies have a very good paying ability. Only 2 percent of companies have the worst condition. This explains why the average probability of the company bankruptcy (PD) measured by the median is only 0.78%.

Turnover and sales revenue

The total revenue from the sale on the Polish ICT market amounted to PLN 151 billion in 2017. The division was as follows: PLN 117 billion was spent on ICT services, while PLN 34 billion generated production. It is also estimated that the revenue of service providers amounts to 30% of the total industry's revenue. (source: Information society in Poland. Results of statistical surveys from 2014- 2018). However, GUS data includes only companies that employ at least 10 people.


PARP data shows that Poland is the sixth country in Europe in terms of employment in the ICT sector. It hires 430,000 people, and the share of the ICT industry in GDP is around 8 percent. Between 2011 and 2014, the number of companies in the ICT sector increased by 24.5 percent. The number of people working in the sector is growing at a rate of around 6 percent per annum. At the same time, Poland is experiencing one of the highest growth in employment. This parameter suggests both significant pro-development activity of Polish enterprises and high inclination of foreign entities to locate their processes in Poland. It also turns out that despite these increments, according to the estimates, the country is in need of another 50,000 software developers.

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