19:48 21 July 2021
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Italian ambassador about restrictions within his country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

Aldo Amati, the Italian ambassador, told the WBJ about restrictions within his country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth

Italian ambassador about restrictions within his country, welcoming tourists and Q3 2021 growth
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The pandemic has subsided in many parts of the world. However, considering the variants, among others, Alpha (first reported in the UK) and Delta (India), and their mutations, the threat still remains at large. How severe are the restrictions within your country?

Italy tackled the “third wave” of the pandemic using our experience gained in the past. We figured out an effective system to loosen or strengthen restrictions based on the trend of infections on a regional basis. The vaccination campaign, proceeding at an increasingly fast pace, has certainly helped and now we are looking at summer with great optimism. Almost the entire map of Italy is colored in white now, meaning the lowest epidemiological risk. Attention is always very high and measures to avert the risk of a new increase in infections are applied with utmost care.

The summer of 2020 was the first Covid summer across the world. At the time, some nations and regions eased travel restrictions. One year on, how open is your country to tourists from Poland and beyond? Do travelers require vaccine passports?

From May, anyone entering Italy who has only been to EU countries in the previous 14 days no longer has to undergo quarantine if they have a negative result from a swab taken within the previous 48 hours before arrival. In addition, with the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” approval there will be soon a new tool that will allow those who have already completed the vaccination process to travel within the EU more easily. In this context, Italy is ready to welcome everyone safely with its unique touristic offer.

Many regions are experiencing unprecedented growth spurts as their economies reopen while some others are poised for a post-pandemic boom. What is the growth forecast for your country for Q3 2021? What are the key industries with the most favorable outlook?

Estimates by the Centro Studi Confindustria already show the first signs of recovery, which could further improve over the next months. The slight increase in Q2 2021, according to the estimates of the industrialists, should be followed by a much more pronounced rebound in Q3 and Q4, when GDP should reach around 4%. The main driving force is the service sector. A boom dictated by the post-Covid reopenings and the vaccination campaign. I hope that this is only the first stage of a great post-pandemic economic recovery which will also be pushed further by the European Recovery Plan.

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