‘Once upon a time I couldn't dream’: YouTube influencer

KInga Sawczuk, source: Newseria

Watched by over a million people on Instagram influencer, Kinga Sawczuk, tries to motivate people to make their dreams come true through her activity in social media. She explains that a few years ago she did not believe in herself, and she lacked courage. However, she decided to face her internal weaknesses and fears. The decision turned out to be right. Kinga Sawczuk wants to use her popularity as good as possible. Recently she published a book, ‘Complexiara. How to appear on the net and be yourself?’.

"The book is a very long letter to the viewers. I describe various funny situations in life, but I also write about my values. I hope that everyone who reads it will understand what I wanted to convey. There is a lot about self-confidence, faith in dreams and me," Kinga Sawczuk says.

The author emphasizes that she was able to write the book mainly thanks to the experience she gained while working in social media. He is active on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. She points out that sharing her thoughts was not always easy for her. In the past, she faced many internal barriers that hampered her development. Overcoming them was a turning point for her.

“I have been involved in social media for four years, once I was a girl who could not dream, had complexes, did nothing with her life, did not meet friends. One day I believed in my dreams. I have always wanted to be active on the Internet, convey content. I took the camera, made the first video and that's where it all started,” she explains.

Kinga Sawczuk emphasizes that she is aware of the impact she has on young people. That is why she tries to analyze the content she publishes very carefully. She would like the content she creates to not only provide entertainment, but also motivate and inspire to implement all the plans. This message was with her as she wrote the book.


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