Crowdfunding platform makes it easier to raise funds for green initiatives

Karolina Gurgul, source: Newseria

The founders of Planet Heroes, the first environmental crowdfunding platform, show that there is money to be made from cleaning up the planet. People organizing social action the waste collection can raise funds for this purpose, and companies and people from all over the world engage in supporting such initiatives. In some, especially poor countries, such financial motivation can be crucial. Last year alone, more than one million kilograms of trash were collected.

"Planet Heroes is the world's first global crowdfunding platform focused on environmental actions organized by people around the world. For those who collect trash and organize such waste collections in their local communities, our platform enables them to receive financial donations," Karolina Gurgul of Planet Heroes said.

Users who organize actions of cleaning waste from public spaces document them with photos. The materials with descriptions of the effects of the work, the location, and the photos are published on the platform, through which the community registered there can make donations to the given initiative. Support is also offered by companies, which in this way support pro-environmental activities.

"Cleaning up litter, caring for the environment, and taking matters into your own hands, i.e. simply physically collecting litter from your park, beach, or nearby forest, first of all, gives a sense of satisfaction and responsibility for your surroundings. In addition, in the case of our platform, there is also a chance to earn extra money, because we enable the receipt of financial support, and these are additional resources that are an additional motivation for these people," Karolina Gurgul added.


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