8 Essential wines for your holiday table

When planning your holiday menu don’t forget to pair your dishes with the perfect vintage. Wine 
expert and negociant Peter Pulawski of Dobre Wina Sp. z o.o. offers recommendations for eight special wines that will pair perfectly with classic Polish and international Christmas dishes.

(prices ranging from zł. 46,90 to 149,00)

Fishes: seafood (Italian) 

Will pair well with grilled, cooked and baked seafood and fish – and some raw crustaceans

1. Domaine de la Croix Senaillet Pouilly Vinzelles

Surprisingly rich and complex, yet simultaneously agile and joyful. Made from Chardonnay, in the Macon district – which has a typical minerality and elegant acidity, making this slightly oaked wine a treat in itself. A perfect accompaniment to grilled fish and seafood – as well as baked fish in creamy sauces.

2. Barbanera Sangiovese vinificato in Bianco IGT Bianco Toscana

A Tuscan white wine made from the Sangiovese grape (mainly used to make red wine). Fragrant with apples and pears and floral notes such as violets and slightly resinous/bergamot oils. Mild and fresh with low acidity – no oak handling. Refreshingly different.

Pierogi (Polish) – with cabbage and mushrooms.

Will also pair well with fried carp and Ryba po Grecku 

3. Domaine Saint Andre Folie d'Ines Blanc 

A Languedoc, yet this one features a buoyant fragrance of pear, peach, and Mirabelle in syrup. This is a dry wine with a jammy body. It offers an extraordinary richness and length, supported by elegant notes of oak and spices from ageing in oak barrels.

4. Pavillon des Trois Arches Chardonnay

A full-bodied mature white from Languedoc, France with oak handling. Offers juicy, oaky Christmas spices and vanilla in the aroma and low acidity sunny apricots and peaches in the taste. It has sufficient body to cope with Christmas days, cold meats, duck, and Schab ze Śliwką.

Turkey (British)

Will also pair well with roasted chicken, Beef Wellington, and Yorkshire Pudding

5. Primitivo di Manduria Pacato

A Primitivo from Puglia, Italy - from the genetic twin of the Zinfandel. Take time to savor this jammy plummy almost semidry sun-filled wine and its enticing aromas. This is easy to drink, yet also features a chunky smooth finish with a hint of dried herbs such as thyme, sage and rosemary.

6. Vieux Chateau Gachet Lalande-de-Pomerol

Made primarily from the Merlot grape varietal. This elegant wine from the Pomerol area offers earthy notes of deciduous wood, forest fruits, and mushrooms. 

Duck (Danish)

Will also pair well with roasted/baked pork with a crisp skin

7. Les Creisses Rouge IGP Pay d'Oc

An extraordinary wine from Languedoc, somewhat like a Chateauneuf-du-Pape but with the addition of a Cabernet Sauvignon. Featuring a convincing and seductive aroma with great depth and a pleasant complexity. Robust notes of dark fruits, some dried herbs, mild spices and a wonderfully long aftertaste.

8. Barbera Piemonte Attimi di Barbera

The Barbera grape is grown midway between Torino and Genoa. Generous aromas of baked red and black fruits, particularly cherries, plums, and black currants. All are beautifully settled in the rich yet smooth taste of the same mature fruits with pleasant rural scents

All wines available through dobrewina.pl and classicwines.pl

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