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21:15 6 July 2020
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Netflix not to withdraw ‘365 days’ despite protests

Netflix not to withdraw ‘365 days’ despite protests

Netflix will not withdraw the Polish film "365 days" from its offer, despite numerous protests. On Friday an open letter in this case was written by Welsh singer Duffy.

In a letter to Reed Hastings, the director general of Netflix, she noted that the film promotes bad patterns and sexual violence. She wrote that she herself was a victim of a kidnapping, which left a permanent mark on her mind. Meanwhile, the film shows how the victim of the assault falls in love with the kidnapper.

The singer's letter, published by Deadline, was a follow-up to a petition on calling for the removal of a film from the site. Its authors argue that the film is an abuse and propagates the so-called Stockholm syndrome. At the end of the weekend, over 63,000 signatures came under it (the goal is to reach 75,000).

A spokesman for Netflix said the site would not withdraw the film. He noted that Netflix did not participate in its production, it only bought a license, and "365 days" was previously distributed in theaters of several countries. He added that anyone who thinks it's inappropriate, doesn't have to watch the movie.


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