19:26 30 July 2020
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New EU strategy for agriculture may cut production by 20%.

New EU strategy for agriculture may cut production by 20%.
Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, source: Newseria

Agriculture is the third largest source of greenhouse gases in Europe, accounting for over 10 percent of the emissions. That is why the EU wants to closely link the development and financing of this sector with climate policy and environmental protection. The new biodiversity strategies and "From Farm to Fork", which are part of the Green Deal, introduce ambitious goals in this regard, but – as pointed out by Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, Minister of Agriculture – may cause a decrease in agricultural production in the EU by at least 20 percent. There are still no details on their implementation and it is not known how the European Commission intends to compensate farmers for losses caused, for example, by limiting the cultivation area.

"Until we know the answers to a number of these questions, it is difficult for us to precisely plan the way for Polish agriculture," the minister.emphasizes.

“Reducing plant protection products and fertilizers is a sensible slogan, but who is to reduce it? All or only those who have significantly exceeded the standards in relation to countries using minimal amounts of pesticides or artificial fertilizers? If we want to introduce 25 percent organic farming, is it in every farm, nationwide or throughout the European Union? If we are to set aside 10 percent. area for ecological purposes, is each farm to allocate 10 percent of its field, should the country make such a reduction? These are real questions asked by farmers, to which there is no answer,” Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski adds.

The Minister underlines that if agricultural production falls, Europe may not be able to ensure its food security. Then it will be forced to import food from other continents that does not meet the high EU standards.


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