17:47 2 December 2019
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Novaturas Group takes over Aurinko's operations in Estonia

Novaturas Group takes over Aurinko's operations in Estonia
source: Pixabay

WSE-listed tourist operator Novaturas Group has signed a contract under which it will take over Aurinko’s  (a subsidiary of Finnair) operations in Estonia, Novaturas said.
The Novaturas Group will fulfill its obligations to tourists, travel agencies and airlines for the winter season from January to April 2020. The company will operate trips to the most popular winter destinations, including Dubai and Tenerife. The flights will continue to be operated by SmartLynx Airlines, stated in the announcement.
“We are pleased with our cooperation in Estonia, the market where we have been present for over 15 years. This will strengthen our position and capabilities in the Baltic States,” Audron Keinyt, the president of Novaturas, said.

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