13:23 8 December 2019
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Number of tourists at Baltic grew by over 9% y/y in 2018 - GUS

Number of tourists at Baltic grew by over 9% y/y in 2018 - GUS
source: Pixabay

In coastal areas, the number of tourists who used accommodation facilities reached 5.3 million, which is by 9.4 percent than in 2017, when 4.9 million people came to the sea, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. Among those using tourist accommodation facilities in coastal areas, foreign tourists accounted for a quarter in 2018, and their number increased by 10.0 percent y/y.

Most tourists stayed in hotels (47.5 percent). The other popular accommodations were holiday centers (16.6 percent), spa resorts (5.4 percent) and private accommodation (5.3 percent). Tourist facilities located near the sea are increasing the range of offers such as wellness treatments or water sports, GUS added.



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