16:58 22 January 2020
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Over €1 trillion lost through tax havens: Polish thinktank

Over €1 trillion lost through tax havens: Polish thinktank
source: Pixabay

A Polish public thinktank report shows that the value of losses caused due to tax havens in the European Union alone is a total of €170 billion per year.

According to PIE experts, the total tax avoidance losses over a 7-year period are €1.19 trillion.

Meanwhile, the commitments arising from the EU budget adopted for 2014-2020 total €959.5 billion. This means that after theoretically eliminating all losses due to tax evasion and avoidance, the EU budget could double.

According to PIE data, the largest EU "tax havens" include the Netherlands and Ireland, and Germany and the United Kingdom lose most on tax avoidance and evasion.

In this respect, Poland is 9th in the European Union. The country's losses resulting from the activities of entities and persons avoiding taxation amount to €0.6 billion per year.


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