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23:34 8 June 2021
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Percentage of online buyers up by 12 pp y/y to 84%

Percentage of online buyers up by 12 pp  y/y to 84%
Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, source: e-Chamber

As many as 84 percent of internet users buy online, while 59 percent of e-shoppers make purchases online 2-5 times a month, according to a report published by the Chamber of Electronic Economy (e-Chamber). Compared to the previous edition of the survey, i.e. until June 2020, e-shopping penetration increased from 72 percent to 84 percent, i.e. by 12 percentage points, and in June 2019, online purchases were declared by 57 percent of respondents.

In addition, 86 percent (+6 percentage points) of people who do not buy online use the web anyway to carry out various shopping-related activities, including searching for inspiration, opinions, and information about products, searching for store locations, and promotions. In the case of users of mobile devices, it is almost 100 percent. What's more, consumers started to buy online more often – 58 percent of e-customers buy 2-5 times a month – and 7 out of 10 declare that their shopping carts are not smaller than before in the stationary channel. 

"The interest in online shopping continues to grow – currently 84 percent of Internet users do it. Such a result in the report 'Omni-commerce. I buy comfortably 2021' shows that the trend towards online shopping continues and consumer preferences to buy quickly, easily, and conveniently. Moreover, the report shows that returning to life after the pandemic will not change this. The conclusions of the report are also a clear signal for businesses where to look for consumers – in e-commerce," Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska, president of the e-Chamber, said.

According to the report, many people from groups that have so far resisted online shopping have joined the group of e-shoppers. This applies in particular to Poles aged 55+.


patrycja sass-staniszewska

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