23:52 11 April 2021
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Poland beyond lead in GDP per capita growth: IMF

Poland beyond lead in GDP per capita growth: IMF
Source: CCNULL (photo by Marco Verch)

According to IMF forecasts, Poland is to be the 15th country that will best survive the pandemic in terms of GDP per capita growth in dollars. When we take into account the percentage dynamics of the economy, the place is more distant, because it is 58.

South American Guyana is experiencing record increases. In three years, its economy is to grow by as much as 144.5 percent per capita. Previously, the country's economy was forecast to grow by 85 percent y/y in 2020, but the coronavirus has wrecked it. It was "only" 43.4 percent. Until recently, one of the poorest countries in South America, last year surpassed China in gross domestic product per capita. According to IMF forecasts, next year the average Guy is expected to approach the average Pole in income per capita. It is not, however, about effective economic reforms or the best response to a pandemic. Substantial sources of oil have been found in the Guyanese maritime economic zone. Now Guyana, one of the world's poorest and most corrupt countries, with infrastructure deficiencies, one of the world's worst business opportunities, and high crime rates, is suddenly growing into a South American tiger.

In the top six of the highest expected growth dynamics, there are as many as three geographically close countries: China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. European countries are in vain at the peak percentages of economic growth. But it is known that it is easier to achieve high dynamics starting from a very low level. Ireland is the first on our continent and it ranks only 18th in the world in terms of percentage increases for the years of the pandemic crisis. The largest American technology concerns located there benefit the most from the development of the online market.

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