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22:32 21 September 2020
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Poland organizes more and more large sports events

Poland organizes more and more large sports events
Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk, source: Newseria

Poland attracts more and more large sports events. In 2023, the 3rd European Games will be held in Kraków and Małopolska, with a record number of 23 disciplines. Athletes will compete not only for the IE medals, but also for the European Championships and, above all, for the Olympic qualification to Paris.

"In these difficult times of the pandemic, we organized world-class events. The European Games are a chance to attract the eyes of the whole world, and in the future it may facilitate the organization of the Olympic Games," Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk, Minister of Sport, said.

"We want to present ourselves with the 3rd European Games once again. In Poland, in these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, we organize a number of events at the highest level. Such was the 77th Tour de Pologne race, which received very good marks from the International Federation. These are other events, such as championships the world in women's volleyball in 2022. International events will attract fans and turn the eyes of the whole world to us," Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk emphasized.

Kraków and Małopolska will host the 3rd European Games, after Baku and Minsk. Although the final composition of the program will be created after negotiations with each of the European and international sports federations, it is initially known that athletes will compete in over 20 disciplines. This is another major sports event organized in our country. 

“The event will be of great importance both for athletes, fans and the region. We will, of course, try to use the sports infrastructure that already exists, but the city and the region will certainly gain further sports investments,” the Minister of Sport announced.


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