13:39 26 September 2021
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Poland to be responsible for nearly 10% of EU CO2 emissions

Poland to be responsible for nearly 10% of EU CO2 emissions
Source: Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

In Poland, greenhouse gas emissions remain relatively constant, and the national economy emits over 400 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, informs the Central Statistical Office (GUS). The Polish economy is responsible for nearly 10 percent of CO2 emissions in the European Union.

The GUS explained that the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the entire EU per year decreased by 12 percent compared to 2010. Regarding Poland, it was reported that CO2 emissions remained relatively constant, and each year over 400 million tonnes of greenhouse gases produced by the domestic economy are released into the atmosphere. This is 9.8 percent of total emissions in the EU against 8.6 percent in 2010.

In 2010, we emitted 10.9 tonnes of CO2 per capita in Poland (9.8 tonnes in the EU). In subsequent years in Poland, this coefficient fluctuated, reaching 10.4 tonnes of CO2 per capita in 2015, and in 2018 it amounted to 11 tonnes. In the European Union, it was respectively 8.8 and 8.6 tonnes of CO2 per capita. Poland moved to 7th place among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases per capita in the community from the 11th position in 2010.

The Office explained that as far as the structure of emissions is concerned, in Poland - similarly to other EU countries – most of the greenhouse gases produced (over 80 percent) are the result of energy processes, i.e. fuel combustion by the economy and fugitive emissions from fuels. In second place are agriculture (8 percent), industrial processes and product use (6 percent), and waste management (3 percent).


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