21:17 18 May 2020
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Poland to lose less than others in crisis: expert

Poland to lose less than others in crisis: expert
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According to prof. Marcin Piątkowski, Poland will undergo a crisis relatively better than the rest of Europe. In an interview published on the portal, an economist working in Beijing tells why, in his opinion, Poland will cope with the inevitable recession after the epidemic.

"The EBRD estimates that this year we will see a decrease of three and a half percent of GDP, and next year a rapid four percent rebound will occur. Estimates for all other European countries are much worse," notes Piątkowski.

In his opinion, the mild recession in Poland is mainly indicated by the fact that before the crisis we had solid economic growth, higher than others. We have also been a European growth leader for 30 years, and the national income for each Pole has increased almost threefold, which is more than anywhere else in Europe.

"We really are amazing players, after 1989 we have been growing continuously for 28 years, with no GDP decline in any year. Our results so far - also the fact that we went through a dry foot crisis in 2009 - show that we have strong economic muscles, flexible economy, crisis-resistant entrepreneurs who are able to quickly adapt to more difficult conditions and consumers who are not afraid of recession," emphasizes the economist.

In addition, in his opinion, taking with a grain of salt what current authorities are doing in other areas of public life, this government, however, created an anti-crisis shield, the size of which is larger than any other shield in the region.


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