21:36 5 July 2022
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Record sales of government bonds in June

Record sales of government bonds in June
Source: Photo by Marcus P. on Unsplash

Poles bought savings treasury bonds for PLN 14 billion in June. This results from raising their interest rates and introducing two new paper types. 

"Of these, PLN 5.7 billion were new 12-monthly, and PLN 4.8 billion went to anti-inflationary COI0626 (four-yearly). The April 2020 record was broken more than 2.5 times," Michal Sadrak of reported.

In an era of rising double-digit inflation, Poles are looking for at least partial protection for their savings.

In the June offer, their interest rate was 5.25 percent and 5.50 percent in the first month of saving, but it changed with subsequent decisions of the Monetary Policy Council.  In July, due to the increase of the NBP reference rate by 0.75 percentage points, the interest rate on 1-year floating rate bonds is 6.00 percent, and on 2-year floating rate bonds is 6.25 percent. 0.50 percentage points also raised the interest rate on bonds with maturities of 3 to 12 years.  In the first interest period, the bonds bear interest at 6.00 percent for 3-yearly, 6.00 percent for 4-yearly, and 6.25 percent for 10-yearly. 

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