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20:06 24 June 2019
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Scholars call on President Duda to veto Criminal Code amendment

Scholars call on President Duda to veto Criminal Code amendment
source: Wikipedia

Almost 160 scholars specializing in legal sciences have sent President Andrzej Duda their opinion on the amendment of the Criminal Code and called on him to veto the bill. According to them, the amendment was passed in an unconstitutional way, which may, in the future, lead to the law being questioned in courts.

The scholars stressed that the scale of the legal chaos which they think would occur if the amendment became law is difficult to imagine. The lack of transitional provisions could make it necessary to start some trials from the beginning, which could result in lapsed crimes.

A draft amendment to the Criminal Code prepared by the Ministry of Justice, which provides for harsher punishment for certain crimes including pedophilia, was tabled in Sejm on Tuesday, May 14 and was adopted within two days.


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