18:48 18 November 2019
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softWORM - S3DOC new generation of durable medium

If you are concerned with the MiFID and PSD/PSD2 directives, then you know the problem of the durable medium, if not, check whether you should use it anyway Robert Pardela, CEO BCHAIN PARTNER Sp. z o.o.

softWORM - S3DOC new generation of durable medium
source: S3DOC

A durable medium is a medium that makes it impossible to change the content of documents in a technological way. This provides protection for consumers against entrepreneurs who implement unfair practices. The S³DOC (Secured Solid State Documents) system is an EU-wide IT system that has the characteristics of a durable medium. These features are guaranteed by internationally recognized cryptographic techniques and methods. The system is supported by blockchain technology. S³DOC is the answer to the problem of providing documents such as important contract terms, fee and commission tables, regulations and other documents on a durable medium.

The system will work in any industry service provider that is required to use a durable medium, which includes, among others, banks, insurers, funds, e-payment brokers as well as e-commerce companies such as online stores, websites, service and media providers, including telecommunications companies.

The S³DOC system was successfully audited by a team of researchers from the System Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. This means that the S³DOC system meets all the requirements of a durable medium within the meaning of the EU legal regulations, in particular, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). Manufacturing company BCHAIN PARTNER Sp. z o.o. prepared versions of the S³DOC system dedicated to large enterprises, SMEs and even micro-entrepreneurs.

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