23:00 24 February 2021
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Supervision watchdog reports results of brokerage houses and TFIs for 2020

Supervision watchdog reports results of brokerage houses and TFIs for 2020
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The net profit of brokerage houses amounted to PLN 584.49 million in 2020, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority reported (KNF). A year earlier, the generated net profit amounted to PLN 27.86 million. Operating profit amounted to PLN 703.52 million compared to PLN 26.05 million profit a year earlier.

Revenues from brokerage activities amounted to PLN 570.12 million, while a year earlier it was PLN 406.74 million.

The costs of core activities amounted to PLN 889.35 million last year. compared to PLN 724.66 million a year earlier.

The clients 'assets on accounts amounted to PLN 133.85 billion, while the clients' assets under management amounted to PLN 5.98 billion. A year earlier it was PLN 68.08 billion and PLN 6.54 billion, respectively.

The assets of brokerage houses amounted to PLN 9.85 billion at the end of 2020, compared to PLN 6.64 billion a year earlier. and was lower by 3.13 percent y/y.

In turn, the net financial result of investment fund companies (TFIs) amounted to PLN 847.41 million in 2020. A year earlier, the financial result was PLN 954.95 million.

Total revenues of TFIs amounted to PLN 3.44 billion in 2020 compared to PLN 3.56 billion a year earlier, including revenues from the management of investment funds, respectively: PLN 3.24 billion compared to PLN 3.37 billion. Total costs amounted to PLN 2.39 billion in 2020, compared to PLN 2.38 billion a year earlier.


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