Even in normal times, companies from the TSL industry were struggling with the timely payment of liabilities and increasing operating costs. The economic crisis and restrictions related to the pandemic caused 4 out of 10 entrepreneurs to fear that their financial liquidity will not be enough for more than 3 months. Carriers also have difficulties in accessing state support, as some of them are not eligible to participate in the anti-crisis shield.

“Many consumers do not notice on a daily basis how much impact the uncertain and dynamically changing economic situation in the country and in Europe has on transport companies. In January this year, nearly 13 percent of companies from the TFL sector expected the arrival or worsening of problems with payment gridlocks, including those that may threaten their stability. Many entrepreneurs report problems with covering fixed costs and employee wages because the current turnover is insufficient. Currently, as much as 43 percent. companies believe that their financial liquidity will not be sufficient for more than three months,” Jan Enno Einfeld, Managing Director of Finiata Group, said.

Bus companies have been in the most difficult situation for almost a year – in the period from March to June 2020, the industry was overnight blocked by government regulations. During the summer and winter holidays, Poles gave up long-distance excursions, and pupils and students (commuting to schools from small towns and villages) have been learning remotely for several months. The situation of the industry was not improved by the so-called Shield 5.0, because it eliminated carriers who provide urban and suburban transport.


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