20:30 8 July 2020
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Virtual wall being built on US-Mexico border

Virtual wall being built on US-Mexico border
Source: Newseria

The wall on US-Mexico border is yet to be built, but in virtual way.  By 2022, as many as 200 mobile control towers will be built that use artificial intelligence to track traffic. They distinguish people from animals, and at the same time they are powered by solar energy. 

"The towers will significantly increase our advantage in the fight against organized crime," Rodney Scott, head of the US Border Patrol, said.

Aaron Elkins, a computer scientist at San Diego State University, pointed out that people usually can only see fraud in other people's in 54 percent of cases. For comparison, vision systems with AI power supply were able to achieve an accuracy of over 80 percent. Infrared cameras can detect changes in the blood flow system and thus capture suspects. Integrated with security systems, they analyze facial features and thus check whether the wanted person intends to cross the border.

The American customs agency goes a step further. An intelligent, virtual wall will ensure autonomous control of the area 24 hours a day. Anduril Industries has signed a five-year contract with an American customs agency to build a virtual wall.


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