23:50 3 August 2021
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Warsaw buys more cars for e-control of paid parking zones

Warsaw buys more cars for e-control of paid parking zones
Szymon Ciupa, source: Newseria

"Polish cities are using technologies more and more willingly and they want to do so, we are moving forward in this direction," Szymon Ciupa, an expert in smart cities, author of the blog, said.

The ministerial report ‘IoT in the Polish economy’ shows that the implementation of such projects so far brings tangible benefits to cities, for example by reducing the time spent on dealing with matters in city offices by 65 percent, reducing crime by up to 40 percent, or by reducing harmful emissions and water consumption by 15 percent. Locally, they also allow, for example, to check whether drivers pay for parking. Warsaw has just purchased four additional cars for e-parking control in paid parking zones.

"Polish and European cities – not to mention Asian ones – have more and more intelligent technologies at their disposal. They use various sensors, sensors, algorithms, artificial intelligence methods, but also traditional databases in order to collect, analyze, process and make information available in the right form to the right people. They are both residents and city authorities as well as specialists, experts in the given fields. And of course, all this is done to support management, support decision-making," Szymon Ciupa added.

According to the World Economic Forum – thanks to intelligent systems, greenhouse gas emissions in cities could be reduced by approx. 15 percent and water consumption could be reduced by 25 liters, to even 80 liters per person per day. In turn, automated vehicles and intelligent roads – communicating in real-time thanks to sensors and sensors – can not only ensure greater safety for drivers but also optimize traffic, reducing the average travel time by approx. 30 minutes, says WEF.


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