19:29 10 July 2019
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Women getting closer to centibillionaire club – CEOWORLD

Women getting closer to centibillionaire club – CEOWORLD
source: Medium

CEOWORLD magazine has analyzed the fortunes of the world’s richest women to predict which one of them will join Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and become the first female “centibillionaire.” L’Oreal heiress Françoise Bettencourt Meyers, the richest woman in the world, is expected to be the first woman to reach the $100 billion mark, just nine years from now. Newly divorced MacKenzie Bezos is likely to make the $100 billion mark in just 16 years.

The next on the list are Australia’s Gina Rinehart, who will have $100 billion in 20 years, and China’s Yang Huiyan whose present net worth is “merely” $22.8 billion. Women are becoming billionaires at a faster rate than men, according to the magazine.


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