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22:17 12 May 2022
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Worker efficiency increased after pandemic

Worker efficiency increased after pandemic
Source: PAP (photo by S.Leszczyński)

Innovation is important, but it is not governed by rules. Therefore, before introducing innovations, we should think well which ones will be the most beneficial for our company, said Erin Meyer, professor at INSEAD, an international business school, during Impact'22 congress which takes place on May 11-12 in Poznań.

As participants in the discussion pointed out, the pandemic has had an impact on changing the way many companies operate.

"Many employees worked remotely and became more efficient because of it," Erin Meyer noted.

"We had to turn problems into opportunities. The office turned out to be unnecessary, but we also found out that working only remotely is not possible," Bartosz Ciołkowski from Mastercard Europe echoed her.

Mario Shiliashki from PayU believes that the pandemic and remote work paradoxically shortened the distance between offices and people. The flexibility of employees has increased.

"Going back to the office became an excuse to build a better, more flexible and friendly working environment," Mario Shiliashki argued.

Anna Grabowska of Żabka Polska noted that increased employee flexibility is not increased control, but rather more trust and more responsibility on the part of both the employee and the employer.

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