17:37 15 October 2019
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WPI down in October – BIEC

WPI down in October – BIEC
source: Pxhere

Future Inflation Index (WPI), forecasting several months in advance the direction of changes in prices of consumer goods and services in Poland, fell for the sixth month in a row in October by 0.4 percentage point, the Investment and Economic Cycles Office (BIEC) prevailed.

“Although the current course of the WPI indicates the short-term nature of the recent inflation increase caused mainly by higher food prices, persistent actions of this factor, combined with the rising costs of doing business, and in particular the increase in labor costs, may cause a further increase in inflation next year,” BIEC commented.

“In the opposite direction, limiting inflationary pressure, there are more and more pronounced signals heralding the economic slowdown both in Poland and in its environment,” they added.

BIEC reports that of the eight components of the index this month, four were in the direction of inflation decline and four in the direction of its increase. 



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