The demand for office space in Wrocław is generated primarily by companies from the business services sector. It is one of the industries that is growing the fastest and is doing well in the current reality. This gives Wrocław office market a chance for further, regular development, according to Walter Herz. 

An example of office investment dedicated to the sector in Wrocław, may be the construction of Nowa Strzegomska building with 10,000 sqm in Wrocław Business Park, which will be occupied by the IT company GlobalLogic. Approximately 1,000 people will work for the company.

In addition, investors in the capital of Lower Silesia are strongly supported by local government units. They also use the impressive foundation of well-qualified staff, educated in fields dedicated to the outsourcing sector. Such foundations give the city stability and security when it comes to business development and thus the growth of the office market.

“Wrocław office market has been in an economic freeze, since mid-March 2020, but its development prospects are based on solid foundations. An obstacle in the development of investments is, as in all agglomerations in the country, prolonged administrative processes, staff shortages and incomplete continuity of supply, but the construction of office buildings in the city has not stopped. The implementation of projects is consistently continued, and a lot of office buildings are currently under construction, with a total of almost 220,000 sqm. of space in Wrocław,” Mateusz Strzelecki, Partner at Walter Herz, said.


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