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22:18 27 February 2020
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Almost half of Poles do not put off extra funds for retirement

Almost half of Poles do not put off extra funds for retirement
Source: Pxfuel

Almost half of the Poles (47%) do not postpone additional funds for retirement, and every fourth sees no such need. Those who save look very optimistically to the future, according to a study conducted by Insurance Europe in cooperation with the Polish Insurance Association (PIU).

A statistical Pole predicts that he will live for 77 years. In this respect, we are the biggest pessimists among residents of 10 European countries who took part in the study, it is stated.

"Compared to other European citizens, we attach relatively great importance to benefits (48% compared to the average from other surveyed countries at 28%). However, we do not look at investing from a broader perspective. Only 30% of respondents from Poland before making a decision on the selection of a pension product, analyzes its results. For comparison, in Hungary this percentage is almost 70 percent,” the report reads.

"Unfortunately, the Polish life insurance market has been shrinking for a long time. According to PIU data after the third quarter of 2019, the value of premiums fell again by 3.1%. The offer of insurers in the field of private saving programs is an important pillar in the pension system. It stands out additional protection against various types of risk, so it's worth looking at,” Piotr Wrzesiński, the expert of the PIU, commented.


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