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20:03 17 April 2023
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Discover unique luxury residences in the heart of the city

Unique architecture, panoramic views, high quality, original motifs, and an unusual combination of a city center location and suburban privacy are just some of the many advantages of living in Towarowa Towers and Towarowa Square - investments without compromise developed by Asbud Group.

Discover unique luxury residences in the heart of the city

The entire complex of Asbud Group, carefully designed in the spirit of sustainable construction and complementing the architecture of the business center of Warsaw, will be composed of two 29-floor residential towers and three 7- to 12-story apartment buildings. The complex is a response to the demand for high-class premium projects in excellent locations, distinguished by sustainability and unique details.

Towarowa Towers – Unique residential towers in the heart of the city

Towarowa Towers is a first-class mix of modern architecture and high standards. The 95-meter towers will be made of high-quality materials - a minimalist combination of glass and aluminum. The character of the buildings is highlighted by colorful bay windows, creating a vivid cascade on the facade. At night, the towers will be recognizable by the decorative illumination that will shine on the exterior of the building, giving it a unique rhythm. Right from the doorstep, residents and their guests will be struck by the elegant lobby with its engaging and eye-catching graphic motif. A treat for aesthetes! 

These projects offer a unique opportunity to those who want to combine what is paradoxically incompatible - the proximity of the bustling heart of the city and the amenities of a suburban home. This is possible, among other things, due to the vast terrace, which will occupy an impressive area of 900 m2, divided into two parts by a row of trees. Without leaving the building, residents can relax on its external portion, rest or chat in one of the lounge rooms, or train in one of the well-equipped fitness clubs.

Towarowa Square - high quality and outstanding aesthetics

Towarowa Square is a continuation of the quality and unique style of the first part of the complex –Towarowa Towers, but in a more intimate form. The project will consist of three 7- to 12-story apartment buildings made of high-quality materials – a combination of fiber-cement panels, glass, and wood. Towarowa Square buildings will house from 73 to 149 residential units, which will provide future residents with a large amount of privacy – something quite unusual in the city center! 

The façade of the building will be varied with decorative elements around the windows, giving it a unique rhythm when arranged unevenly on the façade. In addition, colorful elements made of aluminum will create, on the one hand, a unique character of the building blocks, and on the other hand, a harmonious whole with the other part of the complex.

Towarowa Towers (marked with the letters A and B) and Towarowa Square (marked with the letters C, D, E) are other part of sustainable complex by Asbud Group, contributing to the development of Warsaw’s Wola.   

A unique location 

This unique location is the hallmark of this complex. Towarowa Towers and Towarowa Square are the residential projects located next to the second metro line station – Rondo Daszyńskiego. The location in the heart of the capital city offers residents many opportunities. You decide what to do here and now. Just leave the house – you can easily reach the most important places on foot!

Towarowa Square and Towarowa Towers are other projects of Asbud Group that will develop the modern face of nearby Wola at Rondo Daszyńskiego in Warsaw while standing out with their original character and eye-catching details. The blocks of buildings, varied with additional, colorful window glyphs, will retain their individual style but will perfectly blend into with the modern development of this location. 

The uniqueness of the Towarowa Towers project has already been recognized in international competitions. It became the Polish winner of the prestigious European Property Awards in two categories: Residential High Rise Development and Residential High Rise Architecture, and received an additional Five Stars award in the Residential High Rise Architecture category. The towers also boast the title of Gold Winner in the international Titan Property Awards 2022. 

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