22:04 16 September 2020
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EC proposes to increase emission reduction target by 2030 to at least 55%.

EC proposes to increase emission reduction target by 2030 to at least 55%.
Source: EP

The European Commission is proposing to increase the 2030 emissions reduction target from 40 percent to at least 55 percent, compared to the 1990 level, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, informed in the European Parliament.

"I realize that for some this is too much and for others not enough. But our economy and industry can cope with this. They want it too,” the head of the EC said .

The climate law proposal presented by the EC earlier this year is an element of the European Green Deal, the flagship program of the current Commission, which is to make the European Union climate neutral by 2050.

Meanwhile, the former Minister of the Environment and President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles, Marcin Korolec, believed that Poland should seek solutions and accept climate neutrality.

"I am convinced that the discussion on climate neutrality is one of the absolutely fundamental areas of integration today and during Ursula von der Leyen's presidency in the Commission. And this process will be very consistent and very fast. If we want to participate in the integration process and not outside, it is a serious discussion and a serious commitment to this area is absolutely fundamental,” Korolec summed up.

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