20:47 14 October 2019
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EU calls on Turkey to cease operations in Syria

EU calls on Turkey to cease operations in Syria
source: PAP/EPA

EU foreign ministers called on Turkey to cease operations in north-eastern Syria and withdraw forces from this region, but they did not agree on a joint embargo on the sale of arms of Ankara. EU capitals are to decide on this matter.

“The EU condemns Turkey's military actions, which seriously undermine the stability and security of the entire region, causing more civilians to suffer and further resettlement, and seriously hindering access to humanitarian aid,” we read.  

The Kurds abandoned by the Americans decided to reach an agreement with the Syrian president Bashar el-Assad. The Kurdish Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria announced on Sunday that the Syrian army was to "free the territories" over which the Turks and Syrian opposition formations had taken over. The Turkish offensive began on October 9 shortly after US President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw US soldiers from northern Syria. 

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected and condemned the EU position on the suspension of arms exports on Monday.


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