22:40 18 September 2019
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EU tells Apple to pay €14.3 bln of back taxes in Ireland

EU tells Apple to pay €14.3 bln of back taxes in Ireland

European Commission (EC) has ordered Apple, to pay overdue taxes to Dublin, which together with interests amount to €14.3 billion. That's almost €3,000 per Irishman, according to Süddeutsche Zeitung. In 2016, EC found an agreement between Dublin and the technology giant was against EU law. It said Apple had been avoiding taxes for more than 20 years on almost all revenues in Europe and other global markets and allocated profits to a “head office” in Ireland which had no employees and existed “only on paper”.

Both the Republic of Ireland and Apple are appealing against the commission’s ruling. The country has been offering tax reliefs as its strategy to attract companies and the Irish are not going to give up this strategy.



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