20:25 18 February 2020
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Europe moves to renewable energy

Europe moves to renewable energy
Source: Pxfuel

The recently published report by Agora Energiewende and Sandbag think-tanks shows that in 2019, for the first time, the EU produced more electricity from wind and sun (18%) than from coal (15%).

The authors of the study indicated, among others our country as the one that does not sufficiently develop renewable sources.

“Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria are still highly dependent on brown coal energy and have not yet developed a plan on how to change it. This is necessary not only to free Europe from this raw material but also because of the higher carbon prices in 2019 crushed their economy,” Dave Jones of Sandbag commented.

An example of a country that has been successfully investing in green energy for years is Scotland, whose energy mix in 2020 will be entirely renewable. The metamorphosis from coal to green energy went much faster than planned. In 2015, coal-based energy accounted for 59 percent there.

Not only countries but also supranational corporations are turning more and more towards RES.

“Behemoths such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have tripled their purchase of green energy that powers their headquarters and data centers in just twenty-four months. According to Bloomberg NEF (New Energy Finance) estimates, they have acquired the amount exceeding the energy capacity of countries such as Vietnam or Poland over the past 12 years,” Sebastian Biela, vice president of Energia Polska, emphasized.


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