21:31 18 April 2019
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Facebook will create its own voice assistant

Facebook will create its own voice assistant

Facebook is working on creating its own voice assistant. It would compete with such players as Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple or Google Assistant. For now, it is not clear how Facebook plans to use the assistant. Potentially, it can be used for video chat on the site. The assistant can also appear in Oculus headsets or other future Facebook projects.

The American firm Zion Market Research estimated that in 2018 the virtual assistants market was worth $2.3 billion globally. According to the research company, by 2025 this market is to reach up to $19.6 billion, growing at an average annual rate of 35.4 percent.

So far only Google Assistant has the Polish version. It has been working in the local language since January this year. In April, the company established cooperation with and Flixbus to offer access to some of their services.

(Business Insider)

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