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17:58 30 May 2020
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Foreign investors with reduced share in Polish bonds by PLN 12.9bn in IV

Foreign investors with reduced share in Polish bonds by PLN 12.9bn in IV
Source: Pxfuel

In April, foreign investors reduced their share in Polish bonds by PLN 12.9 billion to PLN 139.6 billion, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

The resort informed that the debt in domestic TS increased by PLN 64.3 billion in April  to the level of PLN 766.9 billion.

"What contributed to the increase in debt to domestic banks and domestic non-bank investors by PLN 69.4 billion (to PLN 420.8 billion) and PLN 7.7 billion (to PLN 206.5 billion), respectively, and a decrease in debt towards non-residents by PLN 12,9 billion (to PLN 139.6 billion),” the ministry said.

At the same time, the value of transactions on the secondary government bond market fell by 15.6 percent m/m and amounted to PLN 867.6 billion. Trading in bonds focused on the unregulated interbank market (98.1 percent), while the share of the TBS Poland electronic platform in total turnover accounted for 1.9 percent, and the WSE's share was 0.01 percent. 


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