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0:45 2 August 2020
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From Saturday, you can activate travel voucher

From Saturday, you can activate travel voucher
Source: Pxhere

From Saturday, August 1, you can activate the travel voucher. Parents of children up to 18 years of age can do it on the PUE ZUS platform.

A voucher is an electronic document entitling to a benefit in the amount of PLN 500 for each child, with the help of which it will be possible to pay for hotel services and tourist events in Poland to registered entities, including public benefit organizations. The voucher is valid until March 31, 2022, and cannot be exchanged for cash or other means of payment.

This benefit will be granted for a child who is entitled to a parental benefit or the "Family 500 plus" childcare allowance. This also applies to children whose parents receive family allowance abroad and are not entitled to "500 plus". Each child is entitled to one voucher of PLN 500 (in the case of a disabled child there is an additional voucher of PLN 500).

A profile on PUE can be created, among others using a Trusted Profile and electronic banking. After entering PUE, the parents activate the voucher and receive a code. The payment process itself is carried out by providing the voucher number to the entity and by using two codes confirming the purchase at the time of payment for the service. You can pay with the voucher many times, until the funds are exhausted.

The list of registered entities will be made available on the website of the Polish Tourist Organization (POT).


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