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17:35 15 June 2021
Post by: WBJ

Heads up! Drones will count products in stores

Heads up! Drones will count products in stores

Inventory shortages, improper merchandise placement and misaligned pricing are causing huge losses for retail chains. In the U.S. alone, revenue losses are greater than theft and amount to a staggering $1.75 trillion. For years, chains have been assisted by robots equipped with artificial intelligence, and soon there will be drones flying above our heads, which will count the goods on the shelves.

Robots scanning the shelves in big stores is nothing surprising. Especially on the American market. There, machines support people and - driving from shelf to shelf - indicate shortages of goods or analyze when a given product may be missing. The employee gets the information and can quickly fill the gaps without wasting time on unproductive walking through the store aisles.


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