13:00 23 June 2020
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How to recruit in time of crisis: an expert

According to the Diagnosis+ study conducted by scientists from the University of Warsaw, recently around 660,000 of Poles lost their jobs. Entire sectors of the economy have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Some manufacturing industries, such as automotive, have seen unprecedented drops in sales. Dramatic consequences have affected part of the service sector: tourism, gastronomy, the beauty industry, and culture and entertainment. Many companies were forced to reduce employment, and some went bankrupt. On the other hand, in other areas, such as administration, customer service or trade, there was a demand for new employees. We are therefore dealing with serious reshuffles in the labor market.

"HR departments pay attention to the fact that currently the number of incoming applications is much larger than a few months ago. More available candidates on the labor market do not facilitate recruitment processes, quite the opposite. Although in the case of recruitment for low, undemanding positions, it is a positive situation for employers, when looking for specialists or people for key positions, it can be a considerable challenge, but also a risk," Katarzyna Leśniewska, acting Recruitment Director at LeasingTeam Professional, noted.

In her opinion, the tense situation on the labor market causes conscious and sometimes unconscious actions of people applying for a job to get the desired position at all costs.

"We are seeing much more flexibility than before in terms of employment conditions; openness to re-organization or taking a lower position in the organization increased. This is noticeable, among others, in the tourism and marketing sector or even in industries related to non-wage benefits. Such changes testify to the great determination of potential employees, but it is important to examine the source and strength of this motivation," the expert said.


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