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18:45 15 May 2022
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In Polish schools already nearly 200,000 students from Ukraine

In Polish schools already nearly 200,000 students from Ukraine
Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz, source: Newseria

The entry of Ukrainian students into our system comes at a rather difficult time for Polish education. We have experienced many things that happened before the war in Ukraine – pandemics, educational reform, teachers' strikes, which left their mark. 

"At this point – when we also have a far inadequate supply of teachers and unfilled vacancies – we have an influx of students who are coming in with tremendous trauma. The Polish education system itself is not in the best shape to accommodate such a multitude of students," Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz, vice president of the Evidence Institute Foundation, noted.

As he emphasized, effective inclusion of Ukrainian students in the Polish system requires complex, systemic solutions, which are currently lacking. It is reflected, for example, in the decision of the Ministry of Education and National Heritage, according to which Ukrainian students are to take Polish eighth grade exams.

"Ideas for a systemic implementation of Ukrainian students into the Polish educational system, based on the fact that there will be partially translated Polish tests and they will pass normal, Polish exams, are an absolute mistake. It simply has no chance to work, it is adding additional stress to these students," Dr. Tomasz Gajderowicz believes.

Eighth grade exams will start on May 24. However, there is no separate core curriculum for Ukrainian students, which means that they only have a few weeks to assimilate the standard curriculum, which includes Polish literature and history.


dr. tomasz gajderowicz
evidence institute foundation

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